Welcoming Week: Allyship Training

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Welcoming Week: Allyship Training
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18 September 2019


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Pilot Butte Middle School

This workshop will explore Oregon and Central Oregon’s history of racism and immigration, manifested both in policy and local events. Participants will get the chance to learn tools and strategies for interrupting oppressive remarks and supporting people of color, immigrants, refugees and others with marginalized identities. Snacks are provided.


More Info on Welcoming Week: bendoregon.gov/welcomingweek

Welcoming Week:

As a Welcoming City, City of Bend  joins other welcoming communities around the country in celebrating Welcoming Week, Sept. 13-22, 2019.  Welcoming Week is a series of events in our community that brings together immigrants and those born within their countries in a spirit of unity to build strong connections across their communities and affirm the benefits of welcoming everyone.

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